The first written reference to growing of grapevines and the production of wine in the surroundings of Velké Žernoseky comes from the middle of the 11th century. This almost one thousand-year old tradition is the evidence of the favourable natural conditions surrounding Porta Bohemica for growing of grapevines. The south-facing slopes near the River Labe in the České Středohoří hills, good soils and a favourable microclimate have produced a unique combination of conditions suitable for growing white wine varieties.

Nowadays the company Žernosecké vinařství s.r.o. (founded in 1995) owns 31 hectares of vineyards.

The wine is produced and mellows in historical winecellars built by the Cistercian monks in the middle of the 13th century.

A manor house is situated right above the vault and provides an opportunity for wine-tasting, company presentations, social gatherings etc.